This Is Why They Call Me A Gym Junkie

wordpress-gymjunkieI am having one of those ‘meh’ days and I really just want to crawl into bed and hide my head under a pillow. Maybe along the way, I’ll sneak some pick-me-up food.

I believe it is almost time for a second batch of Chocolate Swirl Buns.

I was in the office kitchen, talking to a colleague (yes, all the cool kids hangs out in the kitchen) and we got into the question of my gym routine. This morning, yes – again in the kitchen, I was asked by another colleague about my snacking habits – “Do you eat chocolate?”

Honestly, what sort of question is that?

Conversations that surround me lately are about how skinny I have become or how I must be so disciplined to keep up with my gym routine.

Truth is it is weird to even have me and the word skinny in the same sentence. I was never skinny and I’m still not skinny. I don’t think I can ever be skinny unless I get trapped on some raft in the middle of the ocean for weeks without food. Obviously some of us (i.e. me) have been watching the Discovery channel a little bit too much.

I am an Asian (if you have not gathered that bit by now) and Asian parents love feeding their kids (and everyone else that comes close enough to be fed).

I remember being 15 and was beginning to get really conscious about my looks. I think it was because I stopped fitting into my favourite cargo pants. Oh yes, I used to wear those and walk around thinking I’m bad ass.

So I tried losing weight by reducing my food intake. In fact, I thought eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner will help me achieve that goal! Oh boy.

Anyways, Dad will shake his head and say, “All the money I’ve spent all these years feeding you…wasted!” He even went out of his way many times to buy roasted duck to try tempting me into eating something other that Fruit Loops. He knows I love my roasted duck. Yes, I ate the duck. I can resist ice-cream but I cannot resist duck. How? I cannot seem to understand.

I cannot believe I once lived on Fruit Loops thinking it will be good for my weight loss. Obviously I was completely distracted by the “Fat Free” label and completely ignored the sugar content.

I tried running occasionally but all the huffing and puffing was too much work. It was just easier to sit around.

So as you’ve probably guessed, my weight yo-yoed.

It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I joined Fitness First. Paying a hefty $46.90 per fortnight, I decided I was going to attend any and every class I can. So I started with 3 classes – Body Attack, Body Combat and Body Pump. Then I decided why stop at 3 when I can do 5.

So 3rd month into my membership, I started attending two Body Attack and two Body Pump classes while sticking to one Body Combat class. All these classes are in the morning before work at ungodly 6:30am.

After 6 months, I started losing weight. But I was determined to lose more so I decided to read up on fitness and nutrition – the best idea ever because understanding how the body works and what to fuel the body with really helped me change my body. I made the decision to almost completely remove carbohydrates from my diet (temporarily) and focus more on protein. The only meal I am allowed carbohydrates is breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I usually have lots of greens, lean mince, fish and tofu.

It was the most liberating feeling when my clothes started to feel loose (maybe it was the thought of being able to shop for a new wardrobe). Oh yes, I’ve learned that the best way to know if you’ve lost or gained weight is through your clothes. As I am building lean muscles with all the weight work I do, the weighing scales wouldn’t be accurately showing my progress – muscles weigh more than fat.

By the end of 2010/2011, I’ve added 20 minutes run, 3 times a week after work to my gym routine. I was still feeling flabby and thought I could do more.

It wasn’t until end of 2011 when I discovered Pilates and how it completely changed my life. I remember the first lunch session I went to, I came out wondering if I attended Boot Camp instead of Pilates. Everything ached the next day – I was hooked.

Since then, on top of my 5 morning classes, instead of running for 20 minutes after work, I changed it to a 2km run at an average speed of 12km/ph after 30 minutes Pilates session, 3 times a week.

After keeping up with this routine for the last 12 months, I’ve toned up and reduced to a size 6 (previously a size 10) at 55kg (constant). I’m also secretly quite happy about the abs I can now see on my stomach.

But do you know the best part of it all?

I now eat anything and everything whenever I want.

I believe if I’m going to work so hard at the gym, it would only be fair if my reward is to be able to consume anything I want. The key is everything in moderation.

So yes, I do eat chocolate, ice-cream and everything else I bake and cook. I especially love hot shoe string fries.


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