The Life Saving Non-Cross Buns

To me, the best things in life are chocolate, coffee and bread (Unfortunately, not free). Yes, in that particular order. When the three is combined, not necessarily all together, my world is a better place.

Imagine this, choc-chip buns and a hot cup of latte – the softness of the bun, chocolate chip melting in your mouth… and a sip of coffee. Bliss.

Right now, I need lots of blissful moments.

I have right here, next to me, Diploma of Financial Planning: Superannuation workbook. It’s over 400 pages and I’ll have to finish it in 60 to 90 days (depending on how much I procrastinate) before sitting for an exam by the 90th day at the latest.

At the age of 26, the thought of having to study and sit for examination is… rubbish. When the subject is Superannuation, suddenly ‘rubbish’ does not even begin to describe what I’m really feeling. This is why I need my chocolate chip buns and non-stop flow of coffee.

Did I mention I have 3 assignments to complete after this subject? It is safe to assume that I’ll be hyper, delirious and fat when I finally complete my Diploma.

I also found out last night that my hairdresser, Janine, is leaving me and my tresses. She’s heading back to Germany. Oh boy, pass me some of those chocolate chip buns please. I can’t breathe. COFFEE!!!

See, Janine’s best friend, Luke, used to be my hairdresser. He was for about a year before deciding to move back to Malta to marry the love of his life, Justin. I threw a mini-tantrum, Luke gave me his awesome Parlux hairdryer and he was gone. Often I see happy pictures of him and Justin on Facebook and I felt relieved that my sacrifice was very well worth it. But it was easier said then because he left me to Janine who is excellent with my hair. Now that she’s going as well…….

Honestly, 2 hairdressers in 3 years, I should really get offended. BUNS PLEASE!

So that’s how I managed to finish 12 Choc-Chip Hot Non-Cross buns in 2 days. Yes, you saw that right. I did say Non-Cross buns (Unless you stopped reading after you saw ’12’ then you totally did not see. Stop judging. It was life and death). See, it’s the same recipe that I use to make Choc-Chip Hot Cross buns but because it’s no where near Easter just yet and I was too lazy distressed… I didn’t make the cross. But it still has all the goodness of a hot cross bun. You get it?

Now back to procrastinating… I am totally obsessed with Smitten Kitchen at the moment. The woman is genius!

I love procrastinating. Therefore, I will be back later with the recipe to the amazing Snax life-saving buns.

non-cross buns


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