Snake’s Year

I’m not often very Asian. Dad constantly questions aloud if I am actually his daughter and if I am… what happened.

Thanks Dad. No need to worry about my feelings.

Yes – I almost never cook Asian food, I don’t share much of his Chinese culture or any of his superstitions. He’s very religious, me not at all.

Good thing is… whether or not I am his ‘real’ kid or if I was accidentally swapped at the hospital, he loves me with all his heart.

But honestly, if he’s seen my feet, there’ll be no doubt I’m his. I’ve somehow managed to genetically inherit his weird looking feet – Mr Snax calls them ‘Chinese Feet’. He reckons he should write a book about them. I won’t go into details. Trust me, I’m doing you a favour.

IMG_1476 copy

Anyways, it’s Chinese New Year on Sunday. This is only my second time not celebrating the festive season with family in my entire life. So I’m feeling a little lost and slightly homesick. I usually get spoiled silly when I am home – I get all the attention (this is not the youngest child syndrome, I promise) and I am NEVER hungry because everyone is always feeding me. I love being fed non-stop.

However, this year, I find myself frantically searching for a good recipe to whip up for the occasion this Sunday. Something to bring me closer to home.

…I have NOTHING.

The issue: It’s Chinese New Year. It is only fitting if I prepare Chinese meals – which I know VERY little about. But I can’t exactly celebrate the biggest event of the year for Chinese (and my Dad) by serving meatloaf (even though I readily have a meatloaf recipe I’m dying to try) – Not only does it seem inappropriate, I almost feel rude.

Here Dad, have some meatloaf. Happy Chinese New Year to you.

It is so bad I had to stop typing because I cracked up laughing so hard just imagining the look on Dad’s face. Ah… the horror. He had the same look 6 years ago when he found out I got my belly button pierced. The look got even more horrific (if such is possible) when he found out that the piece of information which was new to him was actually 3 years old.

Oh boy.

At the moment, here’s what I’m planning to make on Sunday.

1)      Bah Kut Teh

2)      Braised Mushrooms & Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

3)      Cantonese Egg Tarts

4)      Honeydew Sago

Hopefully the Asian side of me come out to play then or else… meatloaf it is.


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