Silk My Life

So I have learned in the last few days that I probably should never be allowed to own or wear any silk garment.

On Wednesday, I managed to rub my foundation all over a new white silk dress – which I tried on because I wasn’t sure if I’ll fit into it. Good news, I did. Bad news, I’ve got foundation all over it. Consequence? $31 poorer.

Today, after only 5 minutes, in my Zimmerman silk skirt… I noticed oil patches. Uhm… where can it possibly have come from? I haven’t touch or feed the hungry me anything. Okay, maybe I moisturised my legs. But since when does that stain silk? Apparently they do. Unless it is something else… *facepalm*

So… I’m cornstarching the hell out of it. Hopefully not made it worse. I would send it to a dry cleaners… and lose another huge chunk of money… no, I’m not a tightarse. It is because I’m going away for 1.5 weeks and I really want to bring the skirt with me – thank you very much.

Anyways – as mentioned, I will be away for 1.5 weeks.

Until then – be good, stay safe. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That’s a lot of things by the way. Good luck to you!


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