Black Forest Cheesecake

Why is one spoonful of ice-cream never enough? There’s always a second… followed closely by a third and next thing you know, half a pint is gone – Great. So much for keeping it at 2000 calories a day! I’m not even that big of a fan of flavoured ice-cream. I’m a Vanilla ice-cream girl all the way. Imagine what would happened if my pint of Connoisseur ice-cream was not strawberry but vanilla. I sense catastrophe – me jumping up from the couch, both palms on my cheeks, eyes wide open…in horror. I’ll probably be down on my hands and feet the very next second doing push-ups. I’m a bit crazy like that.

I’m not one of those girls who diet – my love for food is too powerful.  So I work out and I work out and then I eat everything and anything I want. The key is to keep everything in moderation.

These days, people often tell me I need to eat more because I’m apparently skinny. Mind you, I’m anything but skinny. Yes, I’ve lost 5kg last year but that’s purely because I change my eating habit and I changed my gym regime – obviously doing something right!

If you sit next to me at work, you’ll notice that I eat by the hour.

8:00am – Coffee

8:30am – Breakfast: 2 Weet-bix + 1 banana + handful of sliced almond + dash of honey + protein shake

9:30am – Fruit: Handful of grapes

10:30am – Fruit: Probably a nectarine

11:30am – Rice Crackers/Nuts

12:30pm – Lunch: 1 slice of toast + 2 eggs scrambled + ham & a snack of something I bake

1:30pm – Coffee

3:00pm – Fruit + Rice Crackers

4:00pm – Banana

6:00/7:00pm – Dinner: Whatever I may have decided to cook

8:00pm – Fruits

9:00pm – Hot Milo

See how I spend more time eating through the day than anything. Thank God for being a woman, I can at least multi-task! So yes, while I stuff my face, I do manage to get everything else done at the same time.

I am legend. Just saying.

At 55kg (at the moment 54.7kg due to lack of training in the last 4 weeks), I’m more athletic built than skinny. I will start worrying when I stop filling into a size 6.

Anyways, not to worry – assuming you’re beginning to find some sort of care inside your heart for my well-being (bless you) after having me unload my life story on you constantly before giving you a peek of the lovely food I’ve made, the cheesecake looks to be quite a success. Though unfortunately looks can be deceiving – let’s hope this is not the case when it comes to my cake.

The verdict will be updated tomorrow – I promise I’ll be honest. However, I do hope it will be well enjoyed. I hereby give myself a pat on the head for the A+ effort on your behalf. Thank you, thank you.

What would you rate my no-bake Black Forest Cheesecake based on its looks? I would offer you a slice but that would just be rude since I can’t really give you some. I can however have some on your behalf tomorrow? *wink*


I know I could’ve cut the cake better but there was no time for perfection.  So here, as promised, your slice – rightfully in my belly!


Everyone went on talking about how good the cake is… and I agreed. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

So, my challenge for you on this eventful day is… do it. Try assembling this cake and you will have no regrets – just a happy belly. Like mine.

You’re welcome.


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