‘Shopaholic Anonymous’ Required… will bring cake!

You know how a hairdresser can never cut his/her own hair? I believe a financial planner can never plan his/her own finances – or maybe that just applies to me… and maybe my hairdresser. Hmm, I should confirm with Janine if she ever tried cutting her own hair.

Anyways, I’m not officially a financial planner (yet) but I did major in Financial Planning back in university. I am also currently undertaking my Diploma of Financial Planning. I know how to save money; I know how to increase wealth; those are not my problem. My problem is how I somehow tend to do just the complete opposite!

Going back to Carrie Bradshaw, she’s been on my mind quite a bit lately; I should’ve learned by watching so many episodes of Sex & The City back to back, again and again, that $40K sitting in a walk-in wardrobe in the form of shoes will not buy you an apartment. But somehow, shoes and dresses just appear so… worthwhile when their clinging on your body. It’s almost life and death.

diamond earringsI mean an illogical way of justifying it would be, I get to put on clothes and shoes and look pretty walking around town – but I can’t exactly carry my house around like walking a dog, can I? So it is almost better to look good. First impression is the last impression, no? Ey? Ey? Got you thinking there didn’t I?

Just typing that… I can sense my brain sending signals to my right leg to kick the left just to cause me some grief for such unforgivable/irresponsible thoughts.

Anyways, the reason for my senseless rambles is because while normal people have lunch during lunch breaks – I went diamond earring shopping and came back with a pair. Yep, the kick just happened – perhaps well deserved.

Moving along… going according to schedule, I completed Part 2: Cheese Filling. I decided to document the process in photos. Can’t say I did a good job – got overly excited about putting the black cherries in between cheese layers I forgot photos. Oh well… at least I still have something!

black forest cheesecake filling

Creaming the cheese, sugar and lemon juice is so much easier than for Red Velvet. At least I was breathing normally! The cheese was allowed to be in room temperature and the mixture was well creamed and smooth within a couple of minutes! Then there’s the whipping of the cream. I think I did it right. It asked for soft peak – I got twin peaks when I lifted the whisks. Fold the cream into the cheese and then added gelatin… voila!

Instead of spooning the cheese slowly into the chocolate biscuit crust, I could’ve just poured it in… maybe it’ll be smoother. I don’t know – just speculating to get myself all stressed out over nothing – not out of ordinary… at all.

Anyways, the 67% completed cake is sitting in the fridge – chilling.

Shall put the final part together tomorrow – let’s be patient together.


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