Pink, It’s The Colour of Passion

I’m going into a mild panic because I realized as I sit here, my dress feels a bit snug. Well, that’s the result of shamelessly snacking while not working out.

Good news is the reduced timetable is out the window next week – in fact, I’ll be heading to my first Body Pump class tomorrow morning. The last class I went to was at least 4 weeks ago. Squats will be a whole lot of struggle tomorrow.

What’s the bad news? I’m off on a 1.5 weeks break next weekend.

Irony – is my life.

Keep CupI’ve also been very productive today – not. I designed plenty of Keep Cups I might like to own. That’s when I came to realization that… I like pink.

No idea when it started but I realized I unconsciously select things in the colour pink – sports bra, runners, bottles and today, Keep Cup! The 5-year old me will be shooting me disgusted looks right about now.

So anyways, I thought I’ll be productive tonight and bake more Candied Pecans Biscotti because I’ve some few mouths to feed. My partner has hinted that I’ve not baked anything for him to snack on. I can’t win with this boy. If I do bake, I’m making him fat. If I don’t, well, I need to because he’s got nothing to snack on. You see what I mean?!

Then there’s a colleague at work who sits across from me – when I asked if he likes biscotti, you should see his reaction. Wait for it…


Trust me – his reaction was as big as the size of the font, if not bigger. Unfortunately, that’s as big as the font can go.

candied pecan biscotti

This weekend, do I have something interesting for you.

I’m baking another birthday cake – I’ve decided to throw myself a challenge – Black Forest Cheesecake.

You know what, Self? Challenge accepted. Bring it!

Stay tuned – will keep you updated. 😉


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