Clouds on 42 ..Updated

IMG_20130108_153039How uncanny is it that I get so excited about buying new coffee capsules for my Nespresso? I almost skipped all the way to the store and up the many flights of stairs if not for Maria to remind me that I can actually just use the elevator.

Now that I’ve got my coffee capsules, I’m even more excited. Might skip all the way home, straight to the kitchen and make myself a cup of soy latte. But I feel like a glass of Pinot Gris. Pardon me, but if you’ve not heard, it’s 42 degrees Celsius in Sydney today. While I grew up in a tropical climate and the temperature really doesn’t bother me all that much, I’ll use any excuse to have a glass of wine – or two. Maybe the entire bottle if I can get away with it.

I am also contemplating baking tonight – I’ve been tempted by Joy the Baker’s Vanilla Almond Orange Cloud Cookies for too long. She had me at ‘almond’ but then I saw ‘cloud’ – it was all over then.

You know how in movies, the cook is always sipping a glass of wine while preparing lunch/dinner? That might be me tonight. I just haven’t decided if it’ll be caffeinated or alcoholic beverage yet.

But you’ll find out later… when I continue with the aftermath.

To be continued…..


So I denied myself both alcoholic and caffeinated beverage in the end. I hate myself sometimes. I mean, am I the only epic person in the world who fools themselves into believing they’ll get a treat if they are good and then go, “Nope. Nothing for you – you don’t need it!”

I have managed to trick myself again.

If it is any consolation, I did bake the beautiful cloud cookies. I even made the almond paste – you can tell I was feeling a tad bit over ambitious yesterday. Not that it was hard. I did the math – equal ratio of almond and sugar plus an egg white; and the food processor did the rest!

Making the cookies weren’t all that hard either – more egg whites and sugar (added with orange zest and vanilla extract) and the almond paste.

The most difficult bit for me was deciding if it was end of the world to use vanilla extract as opposed to vanilla bean as specifically stated in the recipe. But like a wise man once said, “beggars can’t be choosers” and I like listening to wise men so I took it as a sign and went with it – vanilla extract it is!

Besides it being slightly gooey (as with most gluten-free goods) and the slight bump in the process when my face curiously got itchy and I conveniently had goo covered fingers, I think the cookies came out well – not perfectly round like I want them to be but it has a slightly crunchy outer and chewy insides.

vanilla almond orange cloud cookies

I believe it is perfect with a cup of coffee. They are sweet little buggers – so you can definitely do with lesser sugar than what is asked on the recipe. Or maybe that’s just my brain talking… I think it has gone into an overload with warning alerts. You may choose to ignore – permission granted, just this once. Don’t get used to it.

As I distribute this to my favourite people at work, all I hear is “This is beautiful!” Then they helped themselves to second serving. My heart beamed.

Even though I’m not a fan of chewy cookies, I find myself reaching for a second cookie. Now a third. Enough said.

You’ll have Joy the Baker to thank for these babies: Vanilla Almond Orange Cloud Cookies

PS: Looking at the shape of her cookies and the shape of mine… my next investment is definitely a scoop. I desperately need perfectly shaped cookies.


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