Red & Velvet

You know there is obviously something wrong with you when you call the gym on a Sunday afternoon to confirm if the classes are back to normal timetable next week.  I’ve gone to the gym less time in total for the last 3 weeks than I usually would in a week. I’m also eating more than I normally would – allowing the consumption of chips, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, biscotti… soy lattes after soy lattes, random ice-cream in between.

You see how that relationship just doesn’t work? Well, unless my goal is to be obese.

Anyways, I’m here to speak about my red velvet cake, good news is Elaine didn’t cry – meaning I didn’t break the cake. In fact, she quite liked it. However, boy, there isn’t enough love in this world that can save my inability to frost a damn cake. But it isn’t all bad because I discovered a secret – from here on I will no longer have runny cream cheese frosting – ever. Well, unless I try really hard.

red velvet cake

red velvet cake 2See, while many recipe ask for you to cream your butter (room temperature) and cream cheese together before adding the icing sugar, to avoid runny frosting, you should cream the butter then add the icing sugar (sifted to avoid clumps! Don’t say I didn’t warn you). Make sure it’s light and fluffy before adding the cream cheese (best straight out from the fridge). Using your mixer let it beat and mix into the butter and sugar for about 3 minutes – Perfectly spreadable and pipe-able.  If you’re still a little skeptical, let it sit in the fridge to stiffen for about 10 to 20 minutes – worked well for me. I just have no idea how to bloody frost a cake – now that’s a different problem all together.

red velvet cake 1Anyways, to distract her attention from the appearance of the cake, I introduced her to my coffee machine. Did I mention I’m not only a coffee snob but apparently also a soy milk snob? I only have Bonsoy with my coffee. It is like the Tiffany’s of soy milk. Elaine agreed – that’s why we’re such good friends.

Oh well, despite looking quite unfortunate, it’s a great tasting cake – so please excuse me while I get myself another slice for dessert.

PS: Lasagna should stay 100% meat, cheese and pasta. I tried to make myself feel better by adding spinach (apparently because there are vegetables, it offsets the unhealthiness of my dinner) in between meat layers – not my wisest choice in life.


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