Fiery New Beginnings

For the last few days, I’ve been fuelled with emotions. It feels like the world was against me but truth is… I am the devil in this turmoil – sensitive, impatient and so angry! It is one of those weeks I suppose. I blame the estrogens – instead of throwing my emotions about perhaps it should focus on giving me bigger bosoms. It has failed me miserably there!

So today, I’m feeling down with disappointment. I hate feeling sorry for myself because it makes me angry – can I possibly get angrier than I have been? I’ll tell you one thing now – the world is currently not a safe place to be in especially if you’re in close proximity to where I am.

Maybe New Year just ain’t my scene. Maybe I need a new fiery start. Maybe…whatever.

At this moment, I will definitely be more productive at home in my kitchen than here at work where my mind is everywhere but.

I would bake chocolate chip hot cross buns.

Nothing soothes me better than carbohydrates and chocolate combined.

Those days before I befriended yeast, I used to look forward to April so I can rush to Baker’s Delight to stock up on their amazing Chocolate Chip Hot Cross buns – soft, moist and packed with chocolate chips! At $8.50 per pack of 6, they were bankrupting my bank account faster than any fashion retail can!


I remember the day I first attempted my home baked Choc Chip Hot Cross buns – I was having one of those estrogens controlled episodes. Trust me – the buns are better cure than painkillers. One thing for sure, they make you happy without a side of liver failure risk.  Sometimes, ‘more’ just isn’t better. However, I can’t promise it won’t make you a few dress sizes bigger though.


After stuffing my face with 2/3 of the 9 buns loaf I baked, I was happy as a child in a lolly store. I know the correct saying is “happy as a clam” but honestly, what’s so happy about being a clam? Would you be happy if you’re a clam? I know it’s a figure of speech and all but boy, do we need better ‘figure’  and I say right away!

I’ll try to find the exact recipe online or else I’ll post the recipe here at a later date. We need to keep the women out there happy (as daisies – better than clams, and you know it)!

Happy women = Happy World.

No? I dare you to tell me differently.

Or else, please feel free to bring me some hot cross buns with choc chips. Lots of choc chips. KThanksbye.


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