Time for Reflection

Have you ever been so excited you find yourself in a daze because it almost feels like a dream?

I woke up yesterday morning with a mission. I needed to bake biscotti.

Why? I don’t know.

I’m not a fan – only because I rarely ever had any. But I saw photos of these Candied Pecan Biscotti and then I saw the recipe (I like to make sure the recipe doesn’t involve intimidating ingredients!)… I was hooked.

For weeks I couldn’t stop thinking of making them, so I finally did. I swear it was as if I had a hunch I was going to purchase a coffee machine and I needed a sweet complement to go with the coffee that I will be making at home from here on.

So right out of bed, I switched the oven on; cracked an egg, separated the yolk from the whites; whisked the egg white until it foamed into white bubbles before adding in the sugar, spices (and everything nice!) and salt. Then the best bit: I added the pecans and got them all nicely coated before tossing them onto a prepared baking sheet and off into the oven for 30 minutes.

The mission was ON!

I went on making the biscotti once the nuts were in the oven. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised to see the dough coming about and it wasn’t crumbly. In fact, it was almost like cookie dough – just less oily. I divided the dough into two and shaped them into logs.

40 minutes later – I nervously cut the biscotti into ½-inch wide diagonal slices; placed the biscotti on their sides and sprinkled more cinnamon sugar goodies (one can never EVER have enough of cinnamon sugar) before moving the tray back into the oven.

If these babies aren’t perfect, then the definition of perfect is incorrect. I dare you to disagree.

Two hours later, I was home (greeted by the smell of warm sweetness of the biscotti) with the Nespresso coffee machine I’ve been wanting for YEARS. So as you may have guessed, I made coffee with my new machine with frothy milk (oh, don’t get me started on the froth the milk frother makes – amazing!) and served it with a slice of biscotti.


Honestly, I should get myself checked for psychic ability.

To digress from the biscotti, even though we should totally never stop talking about these goodness – but, how was your 2012? Was it everything you wanted it to be?

I have mixed feelings about the year 2012 – It has been the best of times but it has also been the worst of times.

But I guess to look at it at a more positive light, we can all learn a thing or two from our experiences through the year – the good and bad, and make the year ahead a better one.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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