Red Velvet: It is a Love-Hate Relationship

Let’s talk about red velvet.


I haven’t always been a fan. It is a red cake and I couldn’t quite describe the taste. When made confused, my usual response is, “Meh. I don’t like it. Next!”-  I don’t like feeling confused.

I tried it again in 2009 because my colleague and I made it habit to have cupcakes as our 3pm snack and by the 2nd week, I’ve ran out of options – Red Velvet is the only one left I have yet to pick. So I thought, “What the hell”.

It was bitter – That’s what happens when too much red colouring is used.

It isn’t completely a bad thing because since then I got turned off by cupcakes altogether and the craving for cupcakes and icing at 3pm stopped.

Even as I started getting into baking, cupcakes were never a priority. They are loaded in sugar and butter and the gym junkie side of my brain goes into a complete shock. I can almost hear the alert going off in my head, ‘Warning! Warning! WARNING!’

But my bigger issue is with the icing. With cream cheese frosting, you need about 8 oz of cream cheese (that’s a block) and 4 cups of icing sugar and on top of that about 113 grams of butter. That is enough to give a man a stroke. But if it makes me happy, what the hell right? I was referring to the cream cheese frosting not giving a man a stroke. What is wrong with you?

ImageMy biggest mistake when I first made red velvet cupcakes was not the cupcake, which turned out perfectly velvet, but the cream cheese frosting. I tried to be sneaky and used LIGHT cream cheese. It was so runny it barely stayed on the cupcake. My advice to you is to never ever use anything ‘light’ when making frosting. No matter how many warning alerts you get in the head. The ‘fat’ is very much required to give it the spreadable consistency – unfortunately.

The second time I made red velvet, I turned it into a swirled brownie – It was moist, velvety and just the right amount of cream cheese. No frosting involved – just the way I like it! I almost wanted to sing Mika’s ‘Relax! Take It Easy!’ But I remember it being an indecisive cloudy/sunny day and I wasn’t about to take any chance by singing!

ImageNow the third time around, I’m about to attempt making a Red Velvet Cake. It is for a very
special person and for a very special occasion. Elaine is OLDER by a year. She’ll like everyone to believe she’s 21 – and maybe she is. 😉

What I plan to do is a layered red velvet cake covered with cream cheese frosting. Now I am not worried about the cake but I am terribly terrified of the cream cheese frosting. I am not good at making frosting nor am I good at covering a cake with frosting. I guess we’ll all just have to hang on tight and stay tuned to find out on the 6th if I’ve made it or broken it. Won’t be nice of me to make the birthday girl cry. :-/

Are you a fan of red velvet?


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