Christmas Fever – Are You Feeling It?

I think I just tried killing myself. No joke.

20 frog jumps, 10 push-ups twist, 20 Turkish sit-up, 10 step-ups on each leg and 20 mountain climbers – no break in between. Then you get 60 to 90 seconds breather before going back into it all over again. 3 to 8 sets. If the 1st set didn’t kill you, I bet you a $1 (because I’m a cheap arse and I need to raise some serious shopping funds) the 8th will show you the door to heaven or hell – depending on your preferred afterlife destination.

shortbread christmas tree

Someone out there who came up with this circuit training combination is out to kill someone. What’s with the Turkish sit-up anyways? A normal sit-up isn’t good enough anymore? If you don’t know what a Turkish sit-up is… Google it. I did. The video looked deceivingly easy. By the 20th sit-up, I was ready to wave a white flag. But nothing white could be found near me. They are all in the laundry basket. I keep forgetting to wash the whites. Don’t judge.

No, I’m not suicidal. I just spent the weekend baking shortbread and stuffing my face with (lots of) bacon and eggs.  It’s the guilt.

Guess what is in the oven? Christmas cake. Enough said?

I was going to build ‘Christmas tree shortbread’ but because I’m so amazing at making melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, they crumbled at my very touch. Let’s just say, instead of making 3 trees, I’ve only managed to make one and it really can pass as the leaning tower of Pisa. Ridding the risk of being left with only broken shortbread (and me losing my sh*t), I decided to stack them up and tied them with some brown string (hopefully they are digestible in case combined with the biscuit!) then sifted icing sugar all over it.

Shortbread crisis averted – for now. I will now have to figure out how to get them to work tomorrow in one piece. It’ll just be rude to give away crumbs.

shortbread pixel

For melt-in-your mouth shortbread recipe: Basic Biscuit Dough – It’s good but if you are going to build something with it or move it further than from the plate to your mouth, I suggest perhaps find another recipe.


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