You R My ‘Sunshine’

May I just digress from food for a moment and talk about my other obsession – shopping?

Note: It is a rhetorical question.

See, I work in the CBD. My office is also strategically located right next to the busiest shopping strip in Sydney – Just my luck. I walk pass the mall at least 4 times a day. Along the way, there are windows after windows filled with mannequins showing off the latest collection.

My strategy to avoid getting distracted is walk really fast and stare ahead! I refuse to check out the amazing summer colours that are calling out to me. You know that scene in “Confessions of a Shopaholic” where the mannequins move and try to tempt her? I swear, it is not exaggerated. That sh*t is real – happens all the time in my life.

But sometimes, I’ll allow a quick sneaky peek from the corner of my eyes and I’ll almost always catch something amazing and then I can’t take my mind of it all night and I’ll be back the next day. Five minutes later, I’ll be out the door with a shopping bag held tightly in my hand. (As if someone is going to come up to me, snatch it from my hand and yell, “You can’t afford this!” Better safe than sorry.)

Anyways, today was one of those days.

I saw this beautiful bright yellow dress in the window on a headless mannequin after getting my coffee before work. I found myself looking backwards even after I walked past the store. Imagine a man checking out a hot woman that has just walked by – yep, that was me.

Obviously I found myself in the store at 12:35pm. FYI, I stepped out of the office at 12:30pm. It was my first stop. My only stop.

As much as I love colours, they often don’t agree with me. I’m Asian so I supposedly have yellow skin. Yellow on yellow? Let’s just say I was a sceptical about the ‘Sunshine’ or in a less fashionable term – yellow.


I left the store without a shopping bag, fully knowing I’ll probably be headed back to the store within the next 30 minutes. I did. I wish I was less predictable.

Ah well… I have the dress sitting next to me now and I’m about $150 poorer.

Because I’m a worry-pot, I will now spend the rest of my day worrying that I just bought something that I don’t need and I’ve just wasted $150 that I do not have.

Such is my life.


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