Pretzel Dogs

I’ve often been mistaken as a ‘party girl’, you know the kind that parties every weekend and would burn the kitchen down if ever allowed into one. So when I mention that I bake… I get a very surprised look. A look so surprised it clearly screams, “NO WAY! Surely you can’t bake. Pfffbt!”

Why thanks. I totally am not offended by your judgemental look. I’m just bemused by how completely opposite I am to how I ‘appear to look’.

I used to often think I can never conquer the kitchen. In fact, I needed a friend of mine to explain to me the different symbols found on the oven. No idea how to switch the bloody thing on! He also taught me how to make simple dinners such as chicken pot pie and herbed chicken. The latter I’ve mastered cooking with microwave. Shame.

My first ever baking project was caramel mudcake – How overly ambitious of me, almost arrogant to start with something in intermediate level. I just didn’t know better. Using a round tin that was smaller than required, I wondered why even after following the recipe word for word my cake wasn’t cooked in the middle. Then I got really upset when I left the cake in the oven a little longer, it ended up getting a little burned.

Being as stubborn as I was/am, I remember attempting it for 3 more times. Why haven’t I heard of a 9 inch round baking tin or a foil? Honestly.

Fast forward 6 years later, I now have learned to use more than 2 symbols on my oven – grill and fan-force. I don’t use microwave to cook anything except to maybe defrost frozen vegetables for an easy weekday dinner sides.

I find my recipe collection expanding quite rapidly. Then I stumble upon this yummy looking thing called Pretzel Dog. Like how cute is that name?!

With my new found confidence with yeast and my sudden craving for sausage buns, I gave this exciting recipe a go – Project P-Dog.

As expected, I freaked. The entire time I was shaking my head, mumbling to myself, “This is too complex for me! The dough isn’t rising. It’s never going to rise. WHY ISN’T IT RISING??!?!”.

What did I tell you…? I’m a worry-pot! (I swear I strive when I’m most stressed out.)

But it did rise. It came out well. It looked like it should. It tastes as good as I hope it would. It was pretty damn amazing. Bread, cracked pepper and sea salt… a winning combination. But I must say… it looks a tad bit wrong though….

Here, let me show you.



For the amazing recipe:  Joy The Baker – She is such an amazing lady with an even more amazing talent. I’m totally addicted and would marry her if I’m gay. Totally.


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