Project ‘Yeast’

Can you tell I’m a worry-pot?

Let me tell you a story. You don’t have to listen; you can quite quickly click the ‘x’ button on your top right corner but… I will know and I will remember for a very long time. So my advice is… do the right thing.

For a very long time, I wanted to make bread but I was always put-off by the time required and the fact that it requires yeast. So whenever I read a recipe that mentions ‘yeast’ or ‘leave the dough to rest for an hour…’ I stop and move on. Usually, I never get to the second one as ‘yeast’ alone was terrifying enough.

Okay, I can totally feel you judging me right now. But come on, the bloody thing ‘grows’. It is meant to ‘grow’ because if it doesn’t… you’ve killed it. Epic fail. The thought of having killed something… how is that not intimidating? I swear that was how my parents talked me out of wanting a pet hamster.

So again, I timidly walked to the baking aisle and grabbed hold of a pack of instant dried yeast. I dashed to the counter and paid for it – as if the yeast would die on the way home. I swear if you get to watch the security videos at Coles, you would’ve seen me doing countless sprints to the counter. Hmm… I hope I’m not one of their ‘suspects’. That would totally suck.

Anyways, even after I bought the microorganism, it sat in my kitchen cabinet for a while. The older I get, I realized the longer it takes for me to summon courage. Aging sucks.

But I did, eventually. Don’t judge! Better late than never.

You should’ve seen me. Nervous as hell as I watched it foam in a bowl mixed in milk and sugar. I felt tears. Pretty sure it didn’t get into the mixture. Or else… it might just be the magic ingredient!

So that was how I managed to have fresh amazing buttery goodness for breakfast that morning – Brioche. I tell you, when it comes to bread, the French have got it right. Hands down.

Because I am nice, I will share the brioche recipe I adapted from Raspberri Cupcakes.


And of course as you would’ve predicted… I’m now obsessed with baking with yeast. In fact, I’ve got a big container of these amazing fungi sitting in my freezer, ready for my next project.

Next up, pretzel dog. Don’t forget your mustard and ketchup!


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