Are You a Fan of Tea?

I’m a coffee person – all the way. In fact, my partner goes around telling people I’m a coffee snob. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking only quality coffee, is there? I mean, life is too short to have bad coffee. Especially when I have to pay an average of $4 for every cup of soy latte!

At one point in my life (don’t let that line fool you, I’m only 18 – heh, I wish!), I wanted to make a neon sign that says, “I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO KICK, PUNCH AND SCREAM BEFORE MY 1ST GOOD COFFEE OF THE DAY!” No, I’m not addicted….. or psychotic. I just really like coffee and it makes me happy.

Warning: I resume kicking, punching and screaming if the coffee doesn’t satisfy.

So anyways, if you do pay me a visit at my home, please do not ask for tea as I do not have any tea at home. Me not having what you’re asking makes me feel like a bad host and that will just be rude – making your host feel bad and awkward and all. Just saying.

However, according to my Tumblr post, approximately 3 months ago, a tricky bunch of Earl Grey made their way into my kitchen. No. I’ve not converted. Nice try but never. Ever. I just found a muffin recipe that involves poppy seed and I got suckered into it.

Who can resist the ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’ that poppy seeds give with every bite? If you can, well… let’s just put it this way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little abnormal.

So I hesitantly walk into the tea aisle at Coles… and I quickly grabbed a box of Twinnings’ Earl Grey and ran off to pay before I changed my mind.

Even as I added the tea bags into the pot of warm milk… I was still a sceptic.

But then the muffin got baking in oven and then I got a whiff of what’s coming my way and I got excited…

Every bite was moist and fragrant and of course – crunch crunch crunch! Totally made my trip to the tea aisle worthy!

Earl Grey & Poppy Seed Muffin

I got this recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes and she glazed her muffins with marmalade but I didn’t as I like it just the way it is. Or maybe I just got impatient and devoured mine before I had the chance. You’ll never know.

The trip to the tea aisle has paid off but… am I convert? Never.


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