Welcoming the Domestic Goddess


Not that I think I’m a Goddess. But I might be.

I mean, just in 2009, I would have never thought I’m capable of being linked to the word ‘domesticated’ but look at me now…

I’ve bought a Mix Master, countless baking tools (I’ve moved to a bigger a place with a bigger kitchen to accommodate the sudden increase in kitchen equipments!) and a partner who is now 5kg heavier. He often begs for me to stop baking, clearly not because I suck at it (I certainly hope not!) but because he can’t stop putting them in his mouth.

But I’m hooked and unstoppable.

So for the next few days, I’ll probably be putting up some old post from my Tumblr account. However, stay tuned… my obsession means there will be lots of new ‘projects’ headed your way on weekly basis.

P.S.: Can someone please remind me that I need to get myself a weighing machine? Obviously all these food I’ve been making have to go somewhere… and I have a feeling I’ve broken the one at the gym with the amount of junk I’ve been shamelessly putting into my mouth.


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